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Lebanese Neurological Society

The Lebanese Neurological Society is a scientific non profit member organization of neurologists practicing in Lebanon. It is a part of and operating in coordination with the Lebanese Order of Physicians.

Board Members

Kamel Ezzeddine MD

Vice president
Mohamad El Dassouki MD

Nabil Akkawi MD

Samir Ammar MD

Assef Nasser MD
Elie Assaf MD
Fadi Abou Mrad MD
Hatem Korri MD
Ramzi Hilal MD

About Us

The Lebanese Society of Neurology was born in 1955 under the name of The Lebanese Society of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry. It was created by a group of two neurologists, two neurosurgeons and two psychiatrists, on the initiative of Pr Fuad S. Haddad, the first neurosurgeon in Lebanon. The first neurologist practicing in Lebanon is Pr Fuad A. Sabra.

In 1959, a code of medical ethics was prepared and adopted. At that time, the society had 14 members, including three neurologists, one neurosurgeon, and ten psychiatrists.

In 1967, the number of specialists increased, and it became difficult to hold scientific meetings in which neurologists, neurosurgeons and psychiatrists could be equally interested. The society was therefore divided into three divisions. Each division elected a president and a secretary for three years, and held regular meetings. There remained however subjects of common interest that were shared by the whole society.

In 1975, the society had 54 members (21 neurologists, 6 neurosurgeons and 26 psychiatrists) and 5 corresponding members (R. Adams, M. Faulkner, J. Hardy, W. Penfield and A. De Vizcaino-Hachache).

During the war (1975-1990) the activities were less regular: the elections and the meetings being held when and where it was possible. The society was maintained, located as always in its official site, the Lebanese Order of Physicians.

In 1992, the separation of the three branches was completed, giving birth to three independent societies of neurology, neurosurgery and psychiatry.

The Governing Body of the Lebanese Society of Neurology includes a President, a Vice-president, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and four Members, elected for two years. Since 1992, the Society has had five presidents: Drs. Riad Khalifeh, Samir Atweh, Souheil Gebeily, Antoine Aouad and Kamal Kallab.

In 2000, the Society created the Lebanese epilepsy chapter ( LLAE, Lebanese League Against Epilepsy) wich is now member of the ILAE.
The PAUNS meeting was held also in 2000 in Beirut during the presidency of Souheil Gebeily, Samir Atweh being the president of the meeting.

The First international neurological meeting of the society and the LLAE will be held in November 2004 in Beirut, during the period of Kamal KALLAB, who shares the presidency of the congress with Naji Riachi president of the LLAE.

Today, there are 123 neurologists and 8 neuropediatricians registered at the Ministry of Health in Lebanon, 74 of who are members of the Society of Neurology.

The society is an active member of the PAUNS (Pan Arab Union of neurological Societies) and WFN (World Federation of Neurology)
The role of the Society is to organize, promote and protect the professional activity of its members. The academic activities are of prime importance, so scientific meetings including conferences and case presentations are held on a regular basis: both foreign as well as local speakers are invited to present new topics of interest. With the help of the World Federation of Neurology, teaching courses are organized along the year. Joint meetings are also held, mainly with the neurologists of Arab countries and France. The majority of the Lebanese neurologists participate in many congresses around the world every year.

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