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Lebanese Neurological Society

The Lebanese Neurological Society is a scientific non profit member organization of neurologists practicing in Lebanon. It is a part of and operating in coordination with the Lebanese Order of Physicians.

Board Members

Adnan Awada MD

Vice president
Kamel Ezzeddine MD

Rabih Saad MD

Samir Ammar MD

George Hanna MD
Hassan Eid MD
Hatem Korri MD
Nabil Akkawi MD

The 9th International Congress
For Registration

Please contact the Lebanese Society of Neurology

mobile: +961 1 429898
e-mail: lsneurology@outlook.com
web: www.lsneuro.org


- Adnan Awada, President
- Kamel Ezzeddine, Vice President
- Rabih Saad, Secretary
- Samir Ammar, Treasurer
- George Hanna
- Hassan Eid
- Hatem Korri
- Joseph Hatem
- Nabil Akkawi

Main Theme

Advances in Neurotherapeutics

- Stroke
- Multiple Sclerosis
- Epilepsy
- Movement Disorders
- Headache and Pain
- Neuromuscular Disorders


Abstract length should not exceed 250 words and be sent with a mini CV

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